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Tolerance Test

Citrus Fruits

What is Vega Testing?

Nowadays we don’t live in harmony with nature, the diet is unhealthy and not seasonal, and there are too many
different stress factors in our lives. We suppress the warning signals from our body with chemical drugs. As a
consequence, we notice dysfunction only after pathological symptoms appear and can be detected with orthodox methods, i.e. long after the onset of disease.

Objectives of testing

• Identification your intolerance

• Identification of intoxication

• Identification of gastrointestinal, cardiac, pulmonary, renal, neural and infectious diseases

• Finding of imbalances

• Detection of stress levels and emotional imbalances

• Determination of optimal treatment

What we can test


General disorder – acid/alkaline  balance, intoxication, geopathic stress, electromagnetic fields, false polarity

Microbial disorder – bacterial/viral  infection, yeasts, fungi, parasites, herpes

Head foci – head, sinus, tonsil, jaw, teeth 

Deficiency symptoms – vitamins/minerals deficiencies 

Heavy metal intoxication 

Yin Yang



Remedy tolerance / effectiveness 


Root/sacral/solar/heart/neck/fore head/vertex chakras  


Alcohol/Aroma/Baking agents/Flowers/Eggs/Condiments/ Fats/oils/Fish/Meat/Fruit/Vegetables/Dairy products/Nuts etc.

Bring along your own foods and medicines to see if these can be tolerated, specific to your body.

WE DO NOT TEST if you are have a pacemaker, pregnant or epileptic.

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